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Beginner Yoga 5-Week Series

Introduction to Yoga - Start Your Journey!


Dates: September 11th - October 9th

Schedule: Every Wednesday from 7 PM - 8 PM

Investment: $120

Crafted for individuals stepping onto the yoga path for the first time or seeking to refresh their understanding of the basics. Upon finishing this series, you'll grasp the essential foundations, empowering you to seamlessly navigate through our diverse class offerings.

What You Will Learn:

1) Breathing Techniques: Discover the art of integrating breath with movement, enhancing both your yoga practice and daily life.

2) Fundamental Movements: Learn to flow with your breath, ensuring harmonious and balanced practice.

3) Pose Alignment: Understand the correct alignments, how each pose should feel, and the key to performing them safely and effectively.

4) Key Yoga Poses: Master the essential yoga poses with detailed guidance, setting a solid foundation for your practice.


Our Beginner Yoga 5-Week Series offers the tools, knowledge, and support you need for a lifetime of practice.


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