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Partner-Assisted Stretches & Adjustments

4-Week Workshop with Shiva

Wednesdays 7 – 8:30pm

March 13 - April 3 

Investment: 180$ Regular

Early-Bird price until March 3rd: 150$

Join us on a transformative journey with our "Partner-Assisted Stretches & Adjustments 4-Week Workshop" at YOGA BY SHIVA studio. This unique experience is an invitation to deepen your yoga practice by delving into the advantages of partner-assisted stretches and adjustments.

Over the span of four weeks, participants will acquire effective techniques to amplify flexibility, refine alignment, and alleviate tension with the supportive guidance of the instructor and their chosen partner at the workshop. Tailored for those with an intermediate yoga practice who are adept at navigating their limitations or dealing with injuries, this workshop encourages a mindful approach to body awareness.

In this collaborative setting, safety is paramount. Participants are urged to listen to their bodies throughout the practice, and since the workshop involves partnering, mutual trust and communication are essential. Be prepared for exercises that involve assisting your partner in stretching further or enhancing a pose.

No partner required! We'll pair participants dynamically, fostering a better understanding of our bodies. Yoga teachers, this is a great opportunity to learn safe adjustments. Comfort with giving and receiving adjustments enhances your workshop experience.


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